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    Why Seal-a-door?

    Eliminate weather-related excuses that affect your business.

    SEAL-A-DOOR is the easy-in/easy-out solution to keep winter winds at bay or summer heat and humidity outside  outside  with those pesky mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, stink bugs, May bugs, June bugs, wasps, hornets and other undesirable "visitors."  No longer will open doors be a risk to your clients or your business!

    Enhance your reputation by providing the level of service your clients deserve.

    Your clients AND their neighbors notice when you make this visible step to protect and respect their interior environment. 

    And, accomplish it all with a RISK-FREE GUARANTEE!

    You have 30 days to evaluate, "Does it meet my expectations?"​​  

    • If "Yes," enjoy the premier service SEAL-A-DOOR provides to your clients!  
    • If "No," put the product back in the shipping container and send back to us. You will be refunded your full purchase price.

    Testimonials ~ See Social Media for more!

    Jason W., H2O's Water's Carpet Cleaning

    "One of the must-have products if you’re a true professional carpet cleaner." 

    Jamie R., A Guy in a Truck Floor Care Specialists

    "This product has helped me get over the slow winter months. Customers love it it is easy to use and looks fantastic. We now have 2 and an accessories bag. Ron Hunkins is a man of integrity who actually cares about his customers experience. Thanks Ron!" 

    Joseph P., Look 'N Good Cleaning Service

    "I love my SEAL-A-DOOR, my customers love my SEAL-A-DOOR, and potential customers love it, too. But that's only the beginning. The customer service is among the best I have ever experienced (maybe even on par with how I treat my own customers...haha). But seriously, if you want to show your customers you care, and you want a hassle-free, nonsense-free, pleasant experience as a customer, SEAL-A-DOOR is the company to buy from."

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    Ron Hunkins, (612) 250-8454