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  • Unique Client Options

    Shipping Needs Beyond Lower 48 States

    While our shipping costs are relevant to ONLY the contiguous 48 states, we can absolutely accommodate shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, as well as international destinations. Please contact us to inquire about these needs: sealcanvas@aol.com or 612-250-8454.

    Customized SEAL-A-DOOR for Multi-Function Contractors

    If you are a multi-function contractor (such as a carpet cleaner that ALSO engages in duct cleaning and/or restoration projects),  the SEAL-A-DOOR FLAP SYSTEM may be for you. This customization option accommodates ALL of the different sized hoses you use - or, can even completely enclose the hose port hole for better heat containment during "dry-out" operations.  Give us a call for details, and let us help you get the product that will best meet your unique needs.